Danielle Delorenzo

Occupational Therapist

Educational Consultant
~Educating and Empowering through Mindfulness~




My mission is to create a platform to empower, uplift, and educate other parents, students, professionals, and any one else interested in all things OT, EI (Early Intervention), schools, and everything else in between.

My Story

My name is Danielle Delorenzo.  I live in sunny southern California and together with my husband Chris, have an awesome neurodivergent preschooler that is an unstoppable force of high energy!  

I am a pediatric occupational therapist and the lead educational occupational therapist at a local school district.  I am the creator of Mornings with an OT Mom, Co-Founder of Mindfulness in Motion, and #makeitamindfulmonday.

I have a Master’s of Science in Occupational Therapy, postgraduate studies in Infant Mental Health, and I am currently enrolled at the University of St. Augustine pursuing a post professional doctorate degree in Occupational Therapy with a focus on early intervention, movement, mindfulness, and their connection to academic learning.

My professional and personal lives collided when my son sustained trauma at birth and was later diagnosed with autism at 2.5 years old. I now had to practice what I preach and implement and begin the early intervention process. It was confusing, scary, and a roller coaster of emotions. It motivated me to share my story, to show my authentic self along my journey, and to begin to empower and educate others.

We are firm believers in shifting the mindset of the masses towards raising the next generation to be kind, mindful, and full of compassion.

It is my dream to empower all individuals with the tools necessary to facilitate independence, maximize educational potential, foster positive overall development, and support optimal emotional regularity necessary to navigate through life and be as successful as they can.

This platform is a safe space for all individuals to collaborate, grow, learn, and be mindful.  Sending everyone amazing vibes for a fun and mindful day!

My Values and Beliefs

Empower and Educate
Be Kind
Be Mindful
Show Compassion and Empathy

My Approach

Treat everyone with respect, kindness, compassion, and empathy.  My job is to educate, consult, and help guide you along your journey.  My services will always be individualized to meet each person’s unique needs.  My goal is to ensure that you are given the tools to fill your tool bag that are necessary to navigate this journey as independently and mindfully as possible.